Breast Cancer Detection Center of Alaska

ACR Accredited and FDA Certified Mammography Facility

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Mobile Mammography

BCDC delivers the highest quality breast cancer screening services to Alaskan communities where services are not readily available with the Mobile Mammography Truck. 

The Mobile Mammography Truck serves patients in Alaskan communities during March through October. Click here to see the schedule.

Call 1-855-475-5530 to request breast cancer screening services delivery in your community or at your place of business. 

* Due to the impact of Covid-19, we have limited our mobile program this year. Our office is currently open for appointments and exercising Covid protocol.*

 BCDC provides professional and comfortable mammography with 3D Mammography that offers: greater accuracy, earlier detection, and fewer callbacks.

♦ Our radiologic technologists are mammography certified and provide exceptional personal care.

Mammography Center

BCDC provides the highest quality breast cancer screening services at 1905 Cowles Street in Fairbanks.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM and select weekday evenings and Saturdays.

Call 479-3909 to schedule your appointment.