Breast Cancer Detection Center of Alaska

ACR Accredited and FDA Certified Mammography Facility

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Screening Mammogram- a type of low dose x-ray examination that produces images of the breast. Research has shown that annual mammograms lead to early detection of breast cancers when they are most treatable.

 Diagnostic Mammogram- a type of evaluation a patient with abnormal clinical findings or an abnormal screening mammogram.

Self-Requesting Patient Policy

We are now offering screening mammograms to self-requesting clients without a referral form.

This is ONLY possible if:
The patient’s insurance does not require a referral.

The patient is able to provide the name of a practitioner who is willing to receive the results.

The patient signs a liability release form at the time of the appointment. 

Additional requirements are as follows:

Aged 40 or over
Have a normal breast history, (abnormal results requiring further imaging)
Have no current breast health concerns or lumps and
Have no recent history of breast cancer

 BCDC provides professional and comfortable mammography with 3D Mammography that offers: greater accuracy, earlier detection, and fewer callbacks.

♦ Our radiologic technologists are mammography certified and provide exceptional personal care.

What NOT to Wear:

Please wear a two piece outfit for your comfort.

Do not wear any lotions, powders, perfumes, or deodorants in the areas that will be scanned because it affects the images.

If your hair is long, bring something to tie it back. 

Deodorant pads will be available for your convenience. 

♦ Bella Blankets will be used during your exam to provide you with a soft and warm experience.

BCDC accepts insurance, self-pay, Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield Companies and provides services regardless of your ability to pay.

If you do not have the ability to pay, a BCDC staff person will contact you at the phone or email you list below: